Tomas Pfeiffer, renowned as Oni Mihawk, is an admin of the JAY Room-a position which he gained after the departure of the former member Kurtis, one of its main members, and a YouTube anime reviewer . Along with his fellow member Zero Sama, He is recognized as one of the founding members of Oni Zero Production. Tomas is considered to be the greatest graphic editor in the JAY Room, credited with creating countless memes and videos.

Tomas Pfeiffer
Vital statistics
Position Editor
Age 23
Status Admin
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown



Kurtis Withdrawal Arc

After Jouten learned of Tomas' talent on the software Adobe After Effects, He left him in charge of creating a comical banner that would've remained in the page for a week. When informed of Kurtis' attempt to litigate, Jouten had to unfortunately remove the banner from the page.

First Admin Arc

After Kurtis left the JAY Room, Jouten sought out Tomas to create an anime clip of him summoning Limoon. Jouten offered to promote him as payment for his services. Shocked by this revelation, Tomas accepted his proposal, he prepared the anime clip. Once the clip was made public, Jouten appointed Tomas as the first permanent admin.


As one of the members of Oni Zero Production and a JAY Room admin, Tomas is undoubtedly one of the most powerful members that the JAY Room has ever produced. He is a remarkable graphic editor and is hailed as the JAY Room's strongest editor, which has lead to many other members of the page to look up to him. Zero commented that no one could stand to him in terms of graphic editing prowess.


Adobe After Effects

  • Special Ability: After Effects is largely used for compositing videos and effects

Thirtstiness Fuckery Notority Activeness Total
4/5 4/5 5/5 5/5 18/20