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The Japan Case Arc

The Japan Case Arc

The Japan Case Arc is also known as the longest arc in The Jay Room. The main antagonist in this arc is Ray Cerda. The main protagonists in this arc were Jouten, Tom, Haki, and Velez.

It all started with Jouten texting Tom doubting Ray's stories and his "Trip to Japan" pictures. After a brief discussion, Tom decided to google "Japan bullet train" and found the same picture that Ray posted in The Jay Room. Tom told Jouten about this discovery and Jouten decided to make a hangout. He invited a few people that he can trust. Haki and Velez joined within few minutes.

These four cats searched tirelessly for the remaining pictures. There was a picture of the bus that couldn't be found via google drop box. Haki came through and found the last remaining evidence. Jouten screencaped all of them and did all of the final edits to the pictures just in case Ray decided to take action.

Jouten aquired Ray's number and confronted him about this situation privately, but no reply. At this point, it is safe to assume that he was lying about his trip to Japan. Next day, Ray went public in The Jay Room with more lies. Jouten took action and publicly exposed Ray and all of his lies. Ray was still lying to the very end.

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The moment Ray was found out.

The way Ray was exposed was very reminiscent of the ending of Death Note. Thus, the memes were born.

After exposing his lies, Ray left the group on his own.

The Aftermath

His departure left the group in a shitstorm and it wasn't until later in the day that everything died down. There were a lot of mixed opinions on this whole situation.

The people of The Jay Room convinced Ray to come to a late night Google+ hangout session. Ray showed up on his webcam and we see him in his room (not Japan). Jouten confronted Ray about the pictures and other lies. Ray agreed to being a pathological liar.

After Ray and people of The Jay Room talked everything out, Ray returned to the group bearing a video for the people.

It's going to take a long time before Ray can earn our trust again, hopefully he doesn't fuck up again.

Ray's public apology: