Velez Vs The Butthurt One

The Butthurt One arc is the first arc from Part I of the Jay Room. This arc finds Kurtis clashing with the Jay Room after an imfamous banner was posted.  


Velez Vs The Butthurt One

One day at the Jay Room, Velez ran a report of his own critiques of certain AMVs, anime music videos. Kurtis learned of Velez's actions and began to berate him for analyzing the clips because he believes in order to critique an AMV, one must have created a piece. Velez decided to respectfully critique Kurtis' AMVs and truthfully labeled them "shitty" as it was clearly evident. Kurtis activated his butthurt and declared Velez was insulting his "art", thus creating a rivalry which Kurtis foolishly believes he has between himself and Velez.  

Decoding the Banner

Upon creating a hangout, Ranmyaku Jouten discovered Tomas' photo editing talents in Adobe After Effects. Jouten and Tomas decided to collaborate and create a comical banner that would remain as the Jay Room's official brand for a week. Humiliated by the banner he perceived as a way to identify him as a "faggot", Kurtis activated his butthurt and challenged the Jay Room, exchanging irrational comments and posts until he realizes he might have lost. This only made Kurtis even more butthurt that the Jay Room was gradually opposing him.    

The Butthurt One Strikes

Strike he does, as he plans on suing Ranmyaku Jouten for using his picture without his consent. By doing so he has obstructed the peace that was withheld in the Jay Room. So the logical thing would be to delete the banner to avoid legal action (though bluff it may be). This also results in the banment of The Butthurt One as Jouten did not want any more trouble. This resulted in a succession of many memes about Kurtis in due process (which are hilarious by the way). Then he chose to use his butthurt power to complain in his Gentleman Club stream. Kurtis planned on whining and moaning about why he hated everyone in the Jay room and said "If Jouten is god, then I hate god" (quite ignorant of him to say). The Jay Room members tried to extend the hand of brotherly love, but Kurtis' butthurt prevented him accepting it and proceeded to delete all materials that are tied to The Jay Room and in his mind, God himself.

Lamar's Withdrawal

Lamar failed in desperately using talk no jutsu on Kurtis clearly because his version was the weakest within the members of The JAY Room. After finally getting a hold of Kurtis, he was dissed and blocked by him despite Lamar's efforts in trying to be his friend. Finally, Kurtis decided to cut all ties with The JAY Room and it's members, becoming a rouge member.