The Bellamy Supremacy Arc focuses around an argument started by Bellamy Coby claiming and spreading the idea that the pirate Bellamy, from the anime and manga series One Piece, was a great character. It is also the setting of Jay Room fodder attempting to be relevant.


Assault On Bellamy

One day, a critical post about the character Bellamy was created to instigate more conflict and call out Bellamy Coby and his inner fanboy. Other Jay Room members, irritated by his periodical nonsense, proceeded to jump on the hate bandwagon creating more conflict lasting for hours, which included countless comments along with different posts made to not only annoy Bellamy Coby, but to draw out laughter throughout the group.



"The Bellamy is fodder argument is a futile one. There are the 98% that say he is and there are the .05% that say he isnt and there are the 1.5% that say its a stupid argument cause he obviously is."

"If i would make a list about the worst one piece characters, bellamy would be number 1. This nigga got one shotted twice and still believed that he could successfully assassinate luffy."

"Is Bellamy nothing but fodder?" (This was followed by a poll where the vast majority claimed he is.)

"You lack reading comprehension."

"Oda disagrees with you."



The battle was called off temporarily through a a cease-fire, but the question still remains whether or not Bellamy will ever be relevant to which only Goda himself has the answer to.

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