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The Ray Yaoi Cravings Arc is an arc from Part I of the Jay Room.  This arc sees the attempt to stop Ray posting yaoi


pictures, pushing him to defect to the dark path of thirst. 



Dylan's Innocent Post

The arc begins with Dylan logging into the Jay Room to post a thread, but Ray randomly began posting an onslaught of yaoi pictures, defiling the thread's innocence.  Images included Naruto x Sasuke pictures (which were acceptable because of the prior knowledge of their homosexual relationship) and random dudes making out with a turtle was watching the couple (the sick fuck!). The situation then escalated into a dire one as Ray posted a Toriko related yaoi picture:  a grotesque picture of Sani licking Toriko's face (the nightmares). Why would he do this? No one knows. Let's be serious, there is nothing gay with big muscle men wrestling each other for food and drooling at the same time, right? A ceasefire was finally drawn as the battle was won, but the war was far from over.

Dylan ending Ray's Yaoi Career

The Yaoi War

It was soon discovered that the cause of all this was in fact total thirst. Every member of the Jay Room began turning into something so unpredictable and it was near impossible to prevent the inveitable resulting from the madness: The First Yaoi War. After the war, it felt uncomfortable to speak about it because of its horridness. But in the end, IT WAS HELLA FUNNY MAH NIGGA!                                        

The Yaoi War Begins!